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Delaware Law School will host three practice law school admissions tests (LSAT) during the academic year. Mock exams are typically scheduled two weeks before the November, December and June LSAT administrations.

Registration is open now! >>UPDATE LINK

There is no cost to take the practice LSAT at Delaware Law.  The mock exam is intended to assist those preparing to take the actual LSAT and who want a practice run under conditions similar to those at the official testing center.  After the test, answers will be provided to test takers so that they can determine their own scores.

The LSAT is a half-day standardized exam administered by the Law School Admissions Council and is required for admission to Delaware Law.

The mock LSAT is open to the public and may be of interest to those who are curious and would like the experience of taking the exam without incurring cost.

The mock exam begins at 9 am, with check-in at 8:30 am.  After the mock exam, test takers will have opportunity to talk with Delaware Law students about the law school experience.