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Requirements for International Applicants

Delaware Law will assist non-United States citizens with the following additional requirements.

Foreign students who seek admission to the JD program at Delaware Law must submit a completed application by April 1. Applicants educated in a foreign country are required to submit all previous academic transcripts through the Law School Admission Council’s (LSAC) Credential Assembly Service (CAS). The American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers will complete an International Credential Evaluation to be incorporated into your CAS report.

You are required to submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score, unless you are from a country where English is the primary language or you hold a recent degree granted by a university in the United States. If you need to submit a TOEFL score, you must contact the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and request that your TOEFL score be sent to LSAC, which will include it in your CAS report. LSAC’s TOEFL code for JD CAS is 0058.

Please provide the following information as part of the application process:

  • International address
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Original documentation of financial responsibility (explanation below)
  • Personal statement
  • Translation of transcripts by LSAC CAS
  • A copy of your updated I-20 documentation (if currently enrolled in a U.S. college or university on an F1 nonimmigrant basis)

Financial Responsibility

Applicants must provide original documentation of financial responsibility through one of the following options:

Option 1

A bank statement, in the applicant’s name, displaying an adequate balance to cover the cost of living for the first year of law school. The cost of living figure includes tuition, books, fees, and living expenses for the entire academic year, as determined by the Financial Aid Office.

Option 2

If someone other than the applicant will be covering the cost of attendance, we will require an affidavit with the following:

  • The date the affidavit was written, dated within six months of submitting the application
  • The name(s) of sponsor(s) listed on the bank statement(s)
  • The amount of support being provided, either an amount of money or a statement from the sponsor that he or she will “cover all expenses” for the student
  • The full name of the student and the relationship of the sponsor to the student
  • The length of time the support will be offered, either listed in terms of months or years or described as “duration of study”
  • Signature of the sponsor, witnessed by a notary (a public officer who certifies documents to verify their authenticity)

Requirements for Resident Alien Students

If you are applying as a resident alien, you must include your resident alien number on your application for admission.