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Pre-LL.M. Program

Pre-LL.M. Program Course Descriptions <UPDATE LINK>

Prepare for an LL.M. by attending Widener Law. The curriculum is available for foreign students and American residents who receive their legal training abroad.

  • The Pre-LL.M. Program enhances legal English and law school skills
  • Allows completion of the 24-credit Pre-LL.M. Program over two semesters through assessment-based learning.
  • Students may begin the Pre-LL.M. in May or August.
  • Upon successful completion students are transitioned into one of Widener Law’s LL.M. Programs.

Program Requirements

  • Students may be accepted into the Pre-LL.M. Program with a TOEFL of 46-59.
  • Successful completion of the Pre-LL.M Program will allow students to be accepted into the LL.M. program.
  • Students must obtain an overall cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5 in the Pre-LL.M Program for integration into the LL.M. Program.
  • All courses in the Pre-LL.M Program will have assessment-based learning integrated throughout the coursework.
  • Students will collaborate with faculty in an enriched environment for a successful transition into one of Widener Law’s LL.M. Programs.

Program Costs

  • The 24-credit hour Pre-LLM program costs are $l,354 per credit hour.

Course Requirements

FIRST SEMESTER (12 credits)

  • LBR 420 Introduction to American Law & Government (3 credits)
  • LBR 430 Legal English & Writing (3 credits)
  • LBR 410 Legal Culture & Communications (3 credits)
  • LBR 411 Legal Research (3 credits)

SECOND SEMESTER (12 credits)

  • LBR 510 Legal Research II (3 credits)
  • LBR 211 Persuasive Legal Writing (3 credits)
  • LBR 520 Business Law & the Legal Environment (3 credits)
  • LBR 530 Introduction to U.S. Constitutional Law (3 credits)