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LLM Bridge Program

Prepare to earn an LLM. The LLM Bridge Program is available to both foreign students and American residents who have received their legal training abroad. Students in the bridge program collaborate with faculty in an enriched environment for a successful transition into one of Delaware Law’s LLM programs.

The Delaware Law bridge program to an LLM

  • Enhances English language, legal vocabulary and law school skills
  • Allows completion (24 credits) over two semesters through assessment-based learning
  • Transitions into one of Delaware Law’s LLM programs

Bridge Program Requirements

  • Students may be accepted into the bridge program with a TOEFL of 46-59.
  • To transition into a LLM program, students must obtain an overall cumulative grade point average of 2.5 in the bridge program.

LLM Bridge Program Course Descriptions <UPDATE LINK>

Course Requirements

Fall (12 credits)

  • LBR 120 Introduction to American Law (3 credits)
  • LBR 130 Introduction to the American Legal System (3 credits)
  • LBR 110 Legal Writing and Research I (3 credits)
  • LBR 111 Introduction to Legal Analysis (3 credits)

Spring (12 credits)

  • LBR 210 Legal Writing & Research II (3 credits)
  • LBR 211 Persuasive Legal Writing (3 credits)
  • LBR 220 Introduction to United States Corporate Law (3 credits)
  • LBR 230 Introduction to U.S. Constitutional Law (3 credits)

LLM Programs

  • Master of laws in corporate law and finance (seated)
  • General master of laws with concentrations (seated) in
    • Criminal law
    • Environmental law
    • American legal studies
    • Global compliance law