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ONLINE Master of Jurisprudence in Corporate and Business Law

The online master of jurisprudence (MJ) in corporate and business law offers rigorous, graduate-level training in legal analysis and regulatory issues in a corporate, business, nonprofit, or government environment.

Students will receive intensive preparation to work in regulatory compliance analysis, risk management, corporate fraud, investigations, and compliance training to meet the requirements of compliance programs for businesses.

Concentration in regulatory analysis & compliance is designed for those seeking graduate-level training in the regulations and laws impacting corporations and developing a compliance program in their industry. This concentration will make students competitive candidates for positions in:

  • Corporate compliance
  • Privacy compliance
  • Information management
  • Corporate fraud and abuse

Concentration in global compliance & ethics provides individuals seeking a career in compliance, or those seeking to enhance their current compliance knowledge, with the understanding of international compliance necessary to transition or advance in industries requiring global compliance. This program will increase potential for position in:

  • International compliance
  • International regulatory affairs
  • International ethics
  • Global compliance training
  • Global fraud and abuse

The program requires 29 credit hours of coursework and can be completed in two academic years.

Graduates earn not only a master’s degree but also a specialization in a concentrated area of study.

During the capstone course, students will prepare a full compliance program.

Each course allows students to work through simulations to resolve compliance issues.

Students who complete the program’s CCB-accredited compliance coursework are exempt from the 1,500 hours of work experience in a compliance-related field normally required for a CCB exam.


A bachelor’s degree is required. Applicants preferably will have recent or current professional employment in business or a closely related field.

For more information, contact our Graduate Programs Office.

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