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Student Records
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Student Records

Add/drop form
Bar certification form
Change of address/name form
Clinic application form
Certificate program applications
Credit approval form
Non-Classroom credit approval form  - Delaware students use for Law Review, Moot Court and Interscholastic Competition
Dean’s Action Request form
ExamSoft opt-out form <UPDATE LINK>
FERPA annual notice form
Graduation petition forms
Honor Code form
Intro to Law assignments form
Non-plagiarism form
Room reservation request form
Special testing environment request form
Student employment information form
Student history-at-a-glance form
Study abroad application form
Transcript/letter request form
Veteran enrollment form
Veteran summer enrollments form
Veteran enrollment checklist
Writing requirement certificate form

SBA Event Approval Forms

SBA event approval checklist
Electronic bulletin board postings form
Food service/catering form
Room reservation request form
Media services/video request form

Financial Aid Forms

Consortium agreement form
Financial Aid data form
Dependent verification worksheet
Loan deferment forms <UPDATE LINK>
Loan repayment assistance program application <UPDATE LINK>
Independent verification worksheet <UPDATE LINK>
Summer intent form <UPDATE LINK>
Veteran enrollment forms <UPDATE LINK>

Campus Services/Campus Life

Ask a Librarian online form <UPDATE LINK>
Duplication work order form <UPDATE LINK>
Fitness Center liability waiver <UPDATE LINK>
Food service/catering form <UPDATE LINK>
Maintenance/repair request form <UPDATE LINK>
Media services/video request form <UPDATE LINK>
Send us your news submission form <UPDATE LINK>
Student housing forms <UPDATE LINK>

Commencement Forms

Special seating/parking request form <UPDATE LINK>