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Delaware Bar Review Course <Update Link

Delaware Law, Widener University is partnering with BARBRI, a national legal education company, to deliver a strong, effective summer bar review course. Our partnership with the company serves to further strengthen our bar review course.

The Delaware Bar Review Course is an independent commercial summer bar review course available to any applicant taking the Delaware bar examination. Using a uniquely designed three-volume set of materials on Delaware state law as well as BARBRI multistate materials, our course offers comprehensive preparation specifically tailored to the demands of applicants sitting for the Delaware bar examination. Enroll in the Delaware bar review program.

Bar Preparation and Strategies Course (2 credits)

This course is designed to jumpstart students’ preparation for taking the bar exam. The course includes the following: substantive review of bar-tested subjects, practice with multiple choice and essay questions to be reviewed in class and provided individual feedback, personalized bar preparation advice and MBE and essay test-taking strategies. This course is not intended to replace the full commercial bar preparation course taken in the summer before the bar exam, rather, it is meant to exposes students to materials and strategies that will be emphasized in the commercial summer course in order to maximize a first time taker’s potential for success on the bar exam.

Supplemental Bar Review Program

All graduating Widener Delaware students are able to enroll in a supplemental course that will run concurrently with the winter or summer bar review programs. Student will receive individual instruction, coaching and feedback throughout the two-month study period to provide learning opportunities and assistance beyond those provided by commercial bar review courses. The supplemental bar schedule is designed to take advantage of the substantive coverage of commercial courses rather than replicate any of the work that graduates are completing during their bar course. The program is a series of substantive workshops covering substantive MBE topics, practice mock bar exams, individual consultations and feedback on writing assignments.   

Enroll in the supplemental bar review program <Update Link .

Financial Aid Information: bar loans are available.

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