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Reciprocity Guide

The Delaware Law School’s Career Development Office has connections! Our career development staff would like to assist you in exploring your career opportunities by plugging you into our connections with other law school career development offices around the country.

If you plan to relocate outside our tri-state region, all you need to do is stop by the Career Development Office and complete a short form indicating the law school you wish to visit. We will handle the rest.

What is reciprocity?

Reciprocity is a process by which participating law school career development offices agree to share access to career resources for law students and graduates from other law schools.

You should be mindful that each participating law school has its own reciprocity requirements and that receiving reciprocity is not automatic. Please also note that most law schools have a "blackout" period—usually August 1 to November 1— when schools are preparing for and conducting fall recruitment. During the blackout period, no reciprocity requests will be granted. The blackout period for Delaware Law School is August 1–November 15.

Please review our reciprocity policy <Update Link to learn more about the policy specifics. If you are interested in seeking reciprocity, download the Reciprocity Request form <Update Link .