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Since 1975, when our first law class graduated, Delaware Law has been a trusted resource in the region. We have educated nearly 12,000 alumni, many of whom have risen to positions of leadership on the bench and in the bar. Several have served as presidents of the Delaware State Bar Association, as chancellor of the Pennsylvania Bar, and as president of the New Jersey Bar Association. Our Board of Overseers includes a member of the Delaware Supreme Court and a member of the New Jersey Supreme Court.

In addition to conducting energizing classroom discussions, our faculty is known for scholarship, and their work is frequently cited nationally and internationally. According to the Social Science Research Network of March 2014, Delaware Law ranked 75 on a list of 350 Top Law Schools for downloaded scholarship. These influential contributions are often collaborative, involving jurists, practitioners, and our students and alumni. They tackle interesting issues with innovative approaches, understanding that the law is an ever-evolving body of work that must meet the challenges of each new generation.

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“Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution. Despite its small size, it has a large presence in the law and a very sophisticated bar. The ultimate point of the law is to promote justice, and lawyers are the guardians of justice in our society. Being a lawyer is a great privilege, a great honor.”

-Alan Garfield, Professor of law