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Dual Degree Applicants

Dual degree applicants must submit additional application materials, applying to collaborating institutions as well as to Delaware Law.

The juris doctor/master of public health (JD/MPH), in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson University, prepares healthcare professionals to pursue careers in fields such as public health administration, health insurance organization leadership, health consulting, and pharmaceuticals. The typical JD/MPH candidate is pursuing a position as legal counsel to a medical institution or a career in private practice specializing in public health. JD/MPH applicants must also apply to Thomas Jefferson University, College of Graduate Studies.

The juris doctor/master of business administration (JD/MBA), offered in collaboration with the Widener University School of Business Administration, allows you to pursue graduate education simultaneously in both law and business. If you are interested in business or corporate law, this program provides training in real-world skills essential for your success. JD/MBA applicants must also apply to the Widener University School of Business Administration.

The juris doctor/master of marine policy (JD/MMP) is a cooperative program offered in conjunction with the University of Delaware’s College of Marine & Earth Studies (CMES). The program integrates comprehensive legal training with studies of marine policy involving coastal zones and the world's ocean. JD/MMP applicants must also apply to the University of Delaware College of Marine & Earth Studies.